June 16, 2021

Northampton County, NC GIS

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GIS Website Toolbar Reference:

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Site Features

The Northampton GIS Website includes the following functionality:

1 - Zoom In/Out with mouse wheel
2 - Zoom to User-Specified Scale
3 - Measure Tools for Point, Line and Area (point measure returns Latitude and Longitude)
4 - Spatial Query Tool
5 - Attributre Query Tool 
6 - Buffer Parcel Tool
7 - Map document output in PDF for easy printing and distribution.
8 - Selected area features display with RED outline.
9 - Map navigation tools including Zoom In, Zoom Out, Pan Left/Right, Next and Previous Views etc.
10 - GIS Data Layers current to September 2007 
11 - Toolbar button to Get Property Tax Card whenever a Parcel is Selected.

Click on the image below to view a short help guide.

 GIS Website Help Opens in New Window

PDF output format requires Acrobat Reader.  This is a free Product from Adobe Systems and you can get it here:


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Map Layers included on the Mapping site

Map layers show on the left hand side of the GIS Website page.  Not all layers will appear in the list for all Zoom levels.  You can maximize and minimize entries on the layers list by clicking on the " " and "-" signs next to the folder icons for each group of map layers.  Turn layers ON and OFF with the check-mark box

Some layers (e.g. Parcel Text, Contours, Soils) will automatically appear in the list when zooming in and likewise, disappear when too much detail would obscure the map view. 


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